Aspire Capital Partners

Chicago, Illinois

iBio, Inc. (NYSE: IBIO)

iBio, Inc. was formed in 2008 through a spin-off from Integrated BioPharma, Inc. The company owns a proprietary system for developing pharmaceutical products. Historically, iBio has earned most of its revenue by providing its system to other companies. The most annual revenue it has ever earned was $2,018,000 in the 12 months ended Jun. 30, 2019. The company has never earned a profit and has an accumulated deficit of $166,082,000.


Intec Pharma Ltd. (NASDAQ: NTEC)

Intec Pharma Ltd. was founded in Israel in 2000 and went public on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange in 2010. The company completed its first stock offering in the U.S. in 2015 and listed its shares on the Nasdaq shortly afterward.


The Rest

To provide a comprehensive view of Aspire’s investments over time, we calculated the annualized rate of return on all investments the firm has made since 2010. The calculations are not intended to represent Aspire’s actual returns. We don’t know the precise timing, prices, and quantities of purchases and sales the firm executed under various equity lines of credit. Rather, these calculations show what tends to happen over the long term to stocks in which Aspire invests.

Aspire Capital Partners — Annualized Rate of Return



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